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Calling Iran? The Ultimate Guide to the +98 Country Code
Have you ever received a call with the +98 prefix? Or maybe you’re planning a trip to Iran and need to make some calls while you’re there? If so, understanding the +98 country code is essential.

You need to know about the +98 code, including

What it is: The +98 country code is assigned to Iran by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). It’s the prefix you need to dial before an Iranian phone number to connect from outside the country.

Making calls to Iran: To call someone in Iran from abroad, simply dial the +98 country code followed by the local phone number. Local phone numbers typically start with a zero but omit it when dialing internationally. For mobile numbers.

You’ll usually see a prefix like “9xx” followed by seven digits.
Receiving calls from Iran: If you see a +98 number on your caller ID, it means the call is coming from Iran. Be cautious of unexpected calls, especially Romania WhatsApp Phone Number List if you’re not familiar with the number. It’s always best to avoid answering calls from unknown numbers or those offering unsolicited services.

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Alternatives to +98: There is no official

Alternative country code for Iran. The +98 code is the Yeezy 350 Boost V2s only recognized prefix for dialing phone numbers in the country.
Beyond the Basics: Interesting Facts about Iranian Phone Numbers


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