The Mystery of Country Code

Calling Abroad? Unmasking.
Have you ever received a call with an unfamiliar number code? Perhaps you’re planning an international trip and need to make some calls. If you’ve stumbled upon the number code 98, this article will crack the code and reveal exactly where it originates.

Unveiling the Code 98 Belongs to Iran

The country code 98 is designated for Iran. This means any phone number starting with 98 originates from Iran. If you’re receiving a call Poland Whatsapp Phone Number List with this code, it’s coming from someone in Iran!

Making Calls to Iran: Dialing the Right Numbers.

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If you plan to make calls

To Iran, you’ll need to use the following format:

+98: This is the international country code for Iran.
Area Code: Following the country code, you’ll need the specific area code within Iran you’re calling. Area codes can range from 2 to 5 digits Yeezy 350 Boost V2s depending on the location.
Landline or Mobile Number: Finally, dial the landline or mobile number you’re trying to reach.
Here’s an example.



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