Migrating Your Contacts: Can You Export a Database from ACT! to Constant Contact?

Migrating Your Contacts: Can You Export  In the world of customer relationship management (CRM), migrating your data from one platform to another is a frequent need. For those transitioning from ACT! to Constant Contact, a natural question arises: can you directly export a database from ACT! for use in Constant Contact?

The Short Answer: No Direct Export Option

Unfortunately, ACT! and Constant Understand the target audience their need Contact don’t offer a built-in functionality to directly export your database. While both programs excel in their respective areas – ACT! for contact management and Constant Contact for email marketing – they aren’t natively integrated.

Understand the target audience their needs

Don’t Fret, There’s Still Hope! Alternative Solutions

Here are two effective methods to migrate your contacts from ACT! to Constant Contact:

  1. Export to CSV (Comma-Separated Values):

    • ACT!: Within ACT!, navigate to the “Reports” section. Choose a report that displays all the contact information you want to migrate. Most commonly, this would be a “Contact Details” report. During report generation, select “Export” and choose “CSV” as the file format.
    • Constant Contact: Constant Contact allows importing contacts from CSV files. Once you’ve exported your ACT! data as a CSV file, log in to your Constant Contact account. Go to the “Contacts” section and choose “Import.” Follow the prompts to upload your CSV file, ensuring the data is mapped correctly to the corresponding Constant Contact fields (e.g., email address, name, etc.).
  2. Third-Party Integration Tools:

    Several third-party integration tools can bridge the gap between ACT! and Constant Contact. These tools facilitate a more seamless data transfer, often offering additional features like data mapping and duplicate checking. While typically paid services, they can save considerable time and effort for larger datasets.

Making the Move: Important Considerations

Before migrating your data, consider these points:

  • Data Mapping: During the CSV import process, ensure each data point in your ACT! export (e.g., email address, name) is mapped to the corresponding field in Constant Contact. Mismatches can lead to inaccurate data.
  • Data Cleaning: Before exporting from ACT!, take some time to clean your data. This includes removing duplicate entries, correcting any formatting inconsistencies, and ensuring email addresses are valid. Clean data translates to a smoother import and better email deliverability.
  • Partial Functionality Transfer: While ACT! offers robust contact management features, Constant Contact primarily focuses on email marketing. Some ACT! data points, like detailed contact notes or activity history, might not transfer during the migration.

Constant Contact: Beyond Basic Imports

While a direct export from ACT! isn’t possible, the CSV import option offered by Constant Contact is a viable solution for smaller datasets. For larger migrations or those requiring more complex data mapping, consider exploring third-party integration How to Find Someone’s Information tools. By carefully planning your migration process and choosing the right method, you can successfully transfer your contacts and unlock the email marketing capabilities of Constant Contact.


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