Decoding the International Calling Code

Unveiling the Mystery
Have you ever encountered a phone number starting with +98 and wondered where it originated? Look no further! This +98 code unlocks the door to connecting with someone in the fascinating nation of Iran.

Unveiling the +98 Code

The +98 prefix signifies Iran on the international dialing map. It acts as a bridge, allowing you to connect with Iranian phone numbers from anywhere in the world. Here’s how to utilize this code for international calls:

Exit Code Initiate the call using

Your country’s exit code. This code varies by location; for example, it’s 011 in the US and Canada, while most European and Asian countries use 00.
+98: Following the exit code, dial +98, the code for Iran.
Area Code & Local Saudi Arabia Whatsapp Phone Number List Number: Finally, enter the area code and the local phone number. Area codes in Iran typically range from one to three digits, with larger cities having shorter codes. Local phone numbers usually consist of 6-7 digits.
Example Call.

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Let’s say you want to call a contact

In Tehran, Iran, from your phone in France. Here’s the dialing sequence:

00 (French exit code)
+98 (Iran country code)
21 (Tehran area code)
XXXXXX (Local phone number)
Remember: Omit any leading zeros from the local number when dialing internationally.

Beyond the Code: Essential Tips

Time Zone Check: Iran operates on GMT+3:30, so factor in the time difference when making your call.
Alternative Calling Options: With the rise Yeezy 350 Boost V2s of internet-based calling apps, explore cost-effective options like Skype or Rebtel to connect with Iranian contacts.
Landlines vs. Mobiles: Mobile phone usage is dominant in Iran. If you’re unsure about the phone number type, confirm beforehand.


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