Mastering the Format of Chinese Mobile Phone Numbers with

Conquering Communication:
China’s vibrant culture extends to its mobile phone landscape. Making calls or sending texts to friends, family, or business associates in China requires understanding the format of Chinese mobile phone numbers. This guide simplifies the process, explaining how to include the country code (+86) for seamless international communication.

The Essential Eleven Digits:

Chinese mobile phone numbers consist of eleven digits. This standardized format ensures efficient communication across the vast nation. Let’s break down the structure:

+86 (Country Code): Every Chinese mobile phone number begins with this international calling code, signifying China as the country of origin.
Mobile Network Prefix (MNP – 2 or 3 Digits): These digits identify the mobile network provider. Common prefixes include 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, and 19.
Subscriber Number (8 Digits): The final eight digits are unique to each mobile phone user and identify their specific phone line.
Example Breakdown:

Imagine you want to call someone in Shanghai with a China Telecom connection:

Landline vs. Mobile: Landline phone numbers in China have different formats depending on the city size. This guide focuses on mobile numbers.Utilize online resources or consult your carrier for the latest prefix information.

Making Calls from Abroad:

By understanding how to write the format of a Chinese mobile phone number with +86, you’re equipped to connect effectively in China. Remember, this is a general overview, and variations might occur.

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Mastering the Format of Chinese Mobile

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