Calling Iran The Insider Guide

To the +98 Country Code
Have you ever received a call with the +98 prefix? Or maybe you’re planning a trip to Iran and need to make some calls while you’re there? If so, understanding the +98 country code is essential.

Unveiling the +98 Code: It Belongs to Iran

The +98 country code is designated for Iran. This means any phone number that starts with +98 originates from Iran. Here’s a breakdown of what you might encounter:

Making calls to Iran: If you’re calling someone in Iran, you’ll need to use the full international code, which is +98 followed by the local phone number.
Receiving calls from Iran: Phone numbers you see with a +98 prefix are coming from Iran. Be cautious of unexpected calls, as some might be spam or scams.

Understanding Iranian Phone Numbers

Iranian phone numbers have undergone some changes, but currently follow a standard 10-digit format:

Area Code (3 digits): This identifies the specific region within Iran.
Subscriber Number (7 digits): This is the Panama WhatsApp Phone Number List unique number assigned to a specific phone line.
Calling Iranian Mobiles from Abroad

Mobile numbers in Iran typically start with “09” followed by seven digits. To call an Iranian mobile number from abroad, you’ll need to replace the leading zero with the +98 country code. For example, if the Iranian mobile number is  you would dial.

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Exploring Iran Stay Informed with the

Venturing to Iran? The +98 code will be your gateway to staying connected. With this knowledge, you can confidently make and receive calls, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

Bonus Tip: For rates and Yeezy 350 Boost V2s additional information, it’s always wise to consult your phone carrier before making international calls.

By understanding the +98 country code, you’ve unlocked a valuable piece of communication knowledge. Now, you can connect with Iran seamlessly, whether for business or pleasure.


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