A Guide to British Columbia Area Codes

British Columbia, Canada’s stunning province known for its majestic mountains, breathtaking coastline, and vibrant cities, also boasts a unique telephone area code landscape. Unlike many regions with a single code, British Columbia utilizes multiple area codes to accommodate its diverse geographical expanse.

Understanding these BC area codes is crucial for anyone calling within the province or from abroad. This guide sheds light on the province’s area code system, helping you navigate calls effectively.

┬áVancouver’s Historic Code

For over five decades, area code 604 reigned supreme throughout British Columbia. Implemented in 1947, it served as the sole code for the entire province. Imagine answering your phone with the iconic “604” prefix, no matter where you were located in BC!

The Split: Welcoming 250 for Vancouver Island and Interior

As British Columbia’s population flourished, the need for additional area codes arose. In 1996, a monumental shift occurred. Area code 250 was Canada Whatsapp Phone Number List introduced, primarily serving Vancouver Island and the province’s interior regions. This divided the province into two main calling areas.

The Overlays Arrive: 778, 236, and 672 Join the Party

The story doesn’t end there. With technological advancements and continued population growth, British Columbia’s phone number needs evolved further. In 2001, area code 778 was implemented as an overlay, meaning it could be assigned alongside 604 and 250 in specific regions. This practice continued with the introduction of area codes 236 (2013) and 672 (2019).

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Navigating BC’s Areas Codes

Here’s a cheat sheet to help you identify which area code applies to your British Columbia call:

604: Primarily serves the Lower Mainland, including Vancouver.
250: Covers most of the province Yeezy 350 Boost V2s outside the Lower Mainland, encompassing Vancouver Island and the Interior.
778, 236, and 672: These overlay codes can be found alongside 604 and 250 in various regions throughout British Columbia.
Calling Tips for a Hassle-Free BC Experience

Look Up Local Numbers: When unsure about an area code, a quick online search can usually reveal the relevant code for your destination.
Dial the Full Number: Always include the complete 10-digit phone number (including the area code) for calls within Canada.
International Calls: For calls from outside Canada, dial the exit code for your country followed by 1 and the 10-digit Canadian phone number.
By understanding British Columbia’s area code system, you can ensure your calls connect seamlessly across this beautiful Canadian province. So next time you’re reaching out to someone in BC, you’ll be a pro at navigating the province’s unique calling landscape.


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