Australian Phone Number System

Australian phone numbers consist of three key components:

  • Country Code: Every nation has a unique country code, and Australia’s is +61. This code indicates to the international network that you’re trying to connect with a number in Australia.
  • Area Code (Landlines) or Mobile Prefix (Mobiles): This code identifies the specific region or mobile network the phone number belongs to.
    • Area Codes: These 1 or 2 digit codes designate a particular geographic location in Australia.
    • Mobile Prefixes: Australian mobile numbers begin with a specific prefix that identifies the mobile network provider. Common Tunisia Mobile Database mobile prefixes include 04xx for Telstra, 040x for Optus, and 041x for Vodafone.
  • Subscriber Number: This is the unique seven-digit number assigned to a specific phone line (landline) or mobile device.

 Decoding Phone Number Formats

Phone Number

Australian phone numbers can be written in two main formats:

  • Local Format: This format is used within Australia for domestic calls. It omits the country code (+61) and often excludes the leading zero from the area code or mobile prefix. Here’s an example:

    • Local format for a Sydney yeezy 350 boost v2s landline: 02 1234 5678
    • Local format for a Telstra mobile number: 0400 123 456

       It includes the entire phone number with the country code, area code (if applicable), and subscriber number. Here’s the international format for the previous examples:

      • International format for a Sydney landline: +61 2 1234 5678
      • International format for a Telstra mobile number: +61 400 123 456

Calling Australia from Abroad

  1. Dial your country’s exit code: This code allows you to make an international call. The specific code varies depending on your location. For example, the exit code for the United States is 011, and for the United Kingdom, it’s 00.
  2. Dial the country code for Australia (+61): This code informs the network that you want to connect to an Australian number.
  3. Dial the complete subscriber number: Enter all seven digits of the subscriber number.

Here’s an example of dialing a Sydney landline from the United States:

  • Dial 011 (US exit code)
  • Dial +61 (Australian country code)
  • Dial 2 (Sydney area code, omitting the leading zero)
  • Dial 1234 5678 (subscriber number


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