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Calling Landlines?
The world is vast and so are its phone numbers! Understanding country codes is essential for making successful international calls, and the number 86 frequently pops up when calling landlines. But do you always need to add it? This guide sorts out the confusion and ensures your international calls connect seamlessly.

When 86 is Essential:

The code 86 is the country code for China. This means that whenever you’re calling a landline in China from a foreign country, you’ll need to include 86 before the local phone number to ensure your call reaches its destination.


Imagine you’re calling a landline in Beijing, China, from the United States. The local Beijing number might be 1234-5678. To connect the call successfully, you would dial the following:

Exit code for the United States (usually 011)
Country code for China (86)
Local Beijing landline number (1234-5678)
The Breakdown:

The exit code allows your call to route internationally from your current country (US in this case).
The country code (86) directs the call to China.
Finally, the local landline number connects you to the specific phone line within China.
When 86 Isn’t Needed:

If you’re already calling within China, or your phone plan includes international calling features, you might not need to dial the exit code for your country. However, the country code (86) would still be necessary for landline calls placed within Mexico Whatsapp Phone Number List China from a mobile phone with a different country code.

Landlines vs. Mobile Numbers:

It’s important to note that mobile phone numbers can have different formats and may not require a country code when calling within the same country. This guide focuses specifically on landlines.

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Finding the Right Information:

If you’re unsure about the specific dialing procedures for a particular country, it’s always a safe bet to consult your phone carrier or utilize online resources for international dialing codes.

By understanding when to use the code 86, you can navigate international landline calls with confidence. Remember, this is a general overview, and specific dialing procedures might vary depending on your location and phone carrier.

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