A Guide to Vancouver’s Area Codes

Vancouver, a vibrant metropolis nestled in British, boasts a unique telephone code landscape. Unlike many cities with a single area code, Vancouver has transitioned into a multi-code zone to accommodate its growing population. This shift can be confusing for visitors and newcomers alike. Fear not! This guide will shed light on Vancouver’s area codes, ensuring you connect with the right people every time.

The OG Area Code: 604

For decades, 604 reigned supreme as the sole area code for all of British Columbia. Established in 1947, it became synonymous with calls to the province. If you see a 604 number, it’s likely connected to someone in Vancouver or the surrounding Lower Mainland region.


A Handy Rule of Thumb

While the lines can blur slightly, here’s a general rule to remember:

604: Likely connects to someone in Vancouver Vietnam Whatsapp Phone Number List or the Lower Mainland.
778 & 236: Could connect to someone anywhere in British Columbia, including Vancouver.

Making Calls Easy

No matter which area code you encounter, dialing is a breeze. Simply enter the ten-digit phone number, including the area code, and hit dial. Your phone will automatically route the call for a seamless connection.

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Say Goodbye to Long Distance

The Newcomers: 778 and 236

As Vancouver flourished, the need for additional phone numbers grew. In 2001, 778 entered the scene, followed by 236 in 2013. These codes, known Yeezy 350 Boost V2s as overlays, are used throughout British Columbia, not just Vancouver. So, a 778 or 236 number could connect you to someone in Vancouver or another part of the province.

With all of British Columbia covered by these overlapping area codes, long-distance charges within the province are a thing of the past. So, dial away and connect freely!

Vancouver’s ever-evolving phone code system might seem complex at first, but with this knowledge in your back pocket, you’ll be a dialing pro in no time.



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