A Guide to Understanding German Phone Numbers

Have you ever stared at a German mobile number, unsure where to begin dialing? You’re not alone. Unlike many countries where mobile prefixes correspond to geographic locations, Germany throws a curveball. This guide will unravel the mystery of German mobile numbers, making international calls a breeze.

Breaking Down the Code

Country Code: +49 – This is the key to dialing Germany from abroad.
Mobile Network Prefix: Gone are the days Bahrain Whatsapp Phone Number List when prefixes indicated a specific network provider (e.g., 0171 for Telekom). Now, these prefixes (starting with 15, 16, or 17) are non-geographic and assigned by mobile carriers.
Subscriber Number: The remaining digits are unique to the mobile phone user.
Example: +49 157 1234567

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Calling from Within Germany

You can simply omit the country code (+49) and dial the entire number directly (e.g., 0157 1234567).
Calling from Abroad:

Include the country code (+49) followed by the mobile number without the leading zero (e.g., +49 157 1234567).

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